Heart Disease
Is Preventable

Knowledge is key…

Did You Know?

Heart Disease is the Leading cause of death in Women in the United States

A Family History

of heart disease is the MOST powerful of all risk factors

Heart Disease in some Firefighters may be Linked to Proclivity to form Blood Clots

At the Cholesterol, Genetics and Heart Disease Institute (FamilyHeartFoundation), our mission is to help educate and empower the public on important and potentially life saving information as it relates to heart disease and heart disease prevention. Heart Disease is preventable; knowledge is key…

H. Robert Superko, MD, FACC, FAHA and CGHDI

The Cholesterol, Genetics and Heart Disease Institute is a nonprofit that was established many years ago through a charitable donation from H. Robert Superko’s mother, Earlene Mueller-Superko. She recognized in her son, who was already an established cholesterol researcher and a practicing physician, a dedicated passion for knowing and teaching the truth about heart disease. He had then (and still has to this day) a keen desire to see the availability of beneficial heart disease discoveries in research be rapidly translated to personalized prevention and clinical care. The goal of this website is to build upon that passion and interest by sharing current medical knowledge with you.

Did You Know?

  • 80% of people with Heart Attacks have the same blood cholesterol level as those who do NOT suffer a heart attack.
  • Heart Disease is the Leading cause of death in Women.
  • Firefighters have 300% greater risk of dying of a heart attack and they most often die on the way to a fire, during a fire or leaving a fire.
  • Family History of heart disease is the MOST powerful of all risk factors.
  • A low fat diet can worsen blood fats for 33% of the population.
  • The average American consumes over 1/2 pound of sugar each day.
  • Heart Disease is in large part Inherited and you can inherit or pass on these common genes.
  • Many Heart Disease genes have a survival benefit in a primitive society but are deadly in successful Western societies.
  • A TV or media ad may report ‘a 25% relative risk reduction in heart attacks’.  What this means clinically is, if you have 1,000 patients in a placebo group and a 1,000 patients in a drug treatment group and 100 heart attacks occur in the placebo group and 75 heart attacks occur in the drug treatment group; you have 25% relative risk reduction or put another way, a 1.2% absolute risk reduction.

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