About the CGHDI
Family Heart Foundation

A Nonprofit Organization

The Institute is a Nonprofit Education, Research, and Public Awareness Heart Disease Prevention Organization. Some of the research efforts are conducted in collaboration with other researchers around the USA and the educational activities are conducted Nationally as well as Internationally.

Earlene Superko Mueller, mother of Robert Superko, established the initial funding for CGHDI. Mrs Mueller had lost her first husband, Captain Harold Superko MD (Robert Superko’s father), after his second heart attack at age 64. Her second husband, Bob Mueller had multiple stents, bypass surgery and ultimately died from heart failure.  She herself had heart disease and ultimately died in her son’s arms from a ruptured aortic aneurysm.  Thus, the Superko-Muelller family suffered from the wraths of heart disease and in some part, it was because the scientific advances in prevention, diagnostics and treatments were not as yet available, as they are today.

Goals of the CGHDI:

  1. Promote the Prevention of Heart Disease and Personalized Treatment among both the lay public and medical community.
  2. Highlight both lay and scientific articles of interest on topics related to ‘Cholesterol, Genetics and Heart Disease’
  3. Create a community awareness of high-risk groups such as professional Firefighters, First Degree relatives of patients with known disease as well as Ethnic groups with increased risks.
  4. Network with multiple groups, organizations and societies to enhance and further the awareness of heart disease prevention, detection and personalized treatment strategies
  5. Highlight and report on abstracts, clinical trials and consensus statements from National and International Scientific meetings.

Meeting the Goals:

  1. Public speaking or lecture opportunities are coordinated through CGHDI by contacting us at highhdl@me.com
  2. Book purchases of Before the Heart Attacks by H. Robert Superko, MD and published by Rodale press are available at Amazon.

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